Integrated Policy on Quality, Prevention and the Enviroment

FGV’s mission embodies the objective of offering its customers a transport service of the highest quality in an efficient, safe and transparent way, offering a sustainable and accessible transport alternative in the areas in which it is present.

It is a fundamental challenge for the organisation to achieve this objective while ensuring the safety and health of workers and controlling the environmental impacts that may arise from its activity.

In the face of the diverse supply of public transport alternatives, generally less sustainable and with greater environmental impact, it will be FGV’s priority objective to offer a service of the highest quality that is efficient, attractive, safe, sustainable and accessible. To this end, the organisation will gear its daily activity toward customer satisfaction, while protecting the environment, preventing pollution and making sustainable use of natural resources in a safe working environment for its workers.

FGV commits to comply with both the applicable legal requirements and those that the organisation voluntarily subscribes to. FGV is also committed to maintaining an adequate working environment through the prevention of damage and deterioration of health, monitoring its OSH performance and, to this end, seeking the participation and involvement of workers.

It will be the responsibility of management to provide the organisation with all human and material means necessary to achieve these purposes, including the continuous training of its employees.

Consistent with the periodic analysis of the environment and stakeholder needs, FGV’s overall strategy is aimed at facilitating the achievement of objectives by implementing Management Systems that ensure FGV’s commitment to compliance, review and willingness to manage them in a regulated and auditable way.

This is because the goal of the organisation is the continuous improvement in management that, consequently, must result in the improvement of quality, working conditions, environmental behaviour and, ultimately, the passenger transport service that it provides and is its reason for being.
FGV, through this document, clearly manifests this commitment and transmits it to each and every component of the organisation.

Valencia, September 2020
The Managing Director