FGV’s fundamental goal is to offer its clients maximum quality and coverage in transport while always ensuring employee health and safety as well as controlling environmental aspects and the impact derived from transport activities.

We are aware of the possibility that clients may choose from diverse transport alternatives with less sustainable frequency and greater environmental impact so FGV’s priority objective is to offer quality service while respecting worker safety and health as well as the environment in order to increase the number of passengers on a daily basis. 

To reach these objectives in each and every one of the components in the organization, we must integrate prevention into our daily activity as well as identify and satisfy customer needs, practice responsible consumption of raw material and minimize environmental impacts.

FGV is committed to fulfilling all applicable legal requirements as well as those endorsed by the organization.

On another note, it is management’s responsibility to provide the organization with all of the human and material resources needed to reach this end, including on-going training for its members.

Quality Management Systems in Passenger Transport Services, Environmental Management Systems and Risk Prevention in the entire organization, that guarantee FGV’s commitment to quality, the environment and employee health and safety is part of FGV’s global strategy. The company objective is excellence in these areas and systems are revised periodically to renovate them.   

Because FGV aims to continuously enhance the organization and consequently reach the objectives of improving service, labour conditions, environmental management and ultimately improve the passenger transport service we provide.

With this document, FGV clearly manifests their commitment and communicates it to each and every one of the members of its structure.

Valencia, October 2015

Managing Director

Ángel García de la Bandera

FGV Integrated Policy on Quality, Prevention and the Enviroment