FGV’s experience in the management of Metrovalencia and the Alicante TRAM has given it the professional background necessary to offer a wide variety of services that include all of the steps towards planning and designing a management strategy for a metro, Tram or light metro, while offering information on all type of technical aspects related to traffic and rolling stock.
FGV can guarantee the correct management and maintenance of new railway structures and rolling stock. It also offers knowledge on personnel management, obtaining quality certificates, judicial administrative consulting.
Obtaining sustainable development has become one of the most important challenges for present day society. Moving towards sustainable mobility, in urban, metropolitan and regional areas, means betting on measures that will promote greater use of public transport as well as travelling on foot or by bicycle.

Railway transport offers better sustainability conditions and alternatives for reduced energy consumption, reduced spatial occupancy, reduced gas emissions, as well as a high level of security, capacity, regularity and frequency.