Once the management strategy is designed, FGV can participate in different projects and proposals that help the new transport network begin operation.
Planning the elements that make up a transport system for the future network and its operations layout, selecting rolling stock according to the needs, demands and characteristics of the route as well as preparing personnel to participate in management are all areas where FGV can offer accumulated knowledge.


  • Signalling, electrification and beaconing.
  • Project Management for Rolling stock design and construction (metro and Tram).
  • Transport Line Operational Project Development (metro/Tram/bus).
  • Evaluating system needs and energy needs to carry out the service required.

Rolling Stock

  • Analysis and determination of passenger capacity anticipated on a transport line.
  • Designing the network that will service the number of passengers anticipated.
  • Determining the needs in vehicles and personnel to run them.

Personnel Management

  • Programmes for enabling, training and practice, especially for operators.
  • Creating enabling programmes for personnel.
  • Establishing systems for workday distribution and job organization for full cycle productive environments. (365 days/year).
  • Enabling and training courses