Unidad de tranvía de Metrovalencia

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) manages transport services for Metrovalencia and the Alicante TRAM.

logo-metrovalenciaMetrovalencia encompasses the metro and tram that service the city of Valencia, its metropolitan area and areas of influence. It has 133 stations distributed throughout 156 kilometres.
Download network map (2020, May, 1)
logo-tramThe Alicante Metropolitan TRAM services the city of Alicante, its metropolitan area and the main railway lines from Costa Blanca to Denia. Five lines with 71 stations distributed through the 13 municipalities where the Alicante TRAM circulates. Download network map

FGV’s mission is to offer citizens of the Comunitat Valenciana sustainable public railway transport service through efficient management and maximum quality, safety, transparency and social profitability. The content of this declaration must be present in and permeate all types of communication performed in the company, whether internal or externa.

FGV was founded in 1986 after state-run Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha (FEVE) finished the process of transferring transport services it had been operating in this territory to the Comunidad Valenciana. FGV begins offering commercial service in Valencia and Alicante on the 1st of January 1987.