FGV offers 20 years of experience in management, design and planning for railway structures as well as consulting, technical support, personnel training and applying new technologies.

Different transport networks are managed from FGV (metro, light metro, Tram and railway networks). Therefore it has the capacity to develop sustainable mobility projects adapted to the necessities of each client.

Regulations and norms

  • Traffic Regulation Manual
  • Commercial, tariff and intervention Regulation Manual.


  • Transport Safety Plans
  • Emergency Plan
  • Evaluating Risks
  • Analysis for Plan of action in case of diminished quality of service.

Quality Plan

  • Applying ISO 9001 Quality Regulations
  • Quality Certificate Follow up


  • Strategy and Management Planning for Passenger Transport Infrastructures for metros and Trams.
  • Operative and functional analysis and design.
  • Operations analysis.

Personnel Management

  • Training Programme Creation.
  • Designing Maintenance programmes for unusual operations.
  • Designing and applying equality programme.
  • Selection: Large or limited selection processes for operators as well as railway technical personnel.
  • Designing positions with functional description and areas of responsibility.
  • Consulting on collective negotiating processes.
  • Staff Sizing

Customer Service

  • Accessibility Analysis.
  • Customer Service Plan.
  • Information Models.
  • Mobility and Needs Analysis.
  • Toll system: Smartcard
  • Signalling and customer information Projects.

Judicial and Administrative Consultancy

  • Acquiring construction material, supplies and services.
  • Plan of legal action against fraud.
  • Introduction to and processing of documentation for patrimonial liability in accordance with law 30/92 from the 26th of November on Public Administration and Common Administrative Procedure.
  • Legal defence in the different judicial systems (criminal, labour, civil, etc.)
  • Processing all documentation required for company activity by the different administrative bodies (national, regional and local).