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Commitment to quality

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has quality standards in all its metro and tram lines in its two commercial operations Metrovalencia and TRAM Metropolitano de Alicante. AENOR’s European Quality Standard UNE-EN 13816 is aimed at public passenger transport and makes it possible to determine the conditions under which this service is offered.

The certification process for FGV’s metro and tram lines began in 2005 with Lines 3 and 5. Since then, FGV has completed the certification of all its centres by ISO 9001 and the certification by UNE-EN 13816 of all electrified lines, which determines the updating and improvement of the processes and the service we provide to our customers.

This certification enables the quality of the service to be improved, focusing on aspects such as punctuality, cleanliness of trains and stations, customer service, accessibility and the information offered.

The objectives of this standard, based on the “service quality cycle” concept, are aimed at increasing quality, determining the needs and expectations of users, optimising the use of available resources, providing added customer satisfaction and establishing a measurement scale among the companies that have this certification.

The application of the European Quality Standard allows to consider the user’s point of view, addressing criteria such as the service offered (timetables, frequencies, occupancy rate), comfort (seats, space, cleanliness), safety, time (reliability, regularity), passenger service (customer relations, satisfaction, complaints), public information (at stations, stops and units) and environmental impact issues (pollutant emissions, noise or consumption).

In order to comply with this prerequisite, a Service Management System has been implemented to guarantee compliance with the commitments initially made for the service provided on these lines.

ISO 9001UNE EN 13816 MetrovalenciaUNE – EN 13816 TRAM D’ALACANT

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