1. Service offered:
    Coverage of more than 98% of the programmed kilometers.
    A maximum occupancy rate of 4.4 passengers per square metre is ensured.
  2. Accessibility:
    A degree of availability of more than 95% is ensured for escalators and lifts.
    An availability level of more than 95% is ensured for vending machines and 96% for cancellation machines.
  3. Information:
    Availability of more than 95% of the planned information items at stops and units.
    It is assured that in more than 94% of delays of more than 10 minutes, customers will be informed of the stations affected.
    At least 97% of service disruptions requiring alternative transportation are reported within 12 minutes.
  4. Punctuality:
    More than 90% of trains are not delayed.
  5. Customer service:
    96% of complaints are answered within 18 days.
    In terms of personal treatment, two objectives are established: that the performance of FGV employees in terms of availability, commercial attitude, skills and appearance described in the Customer Service Plan obtains an average score of over 7.5.
  6. Comfort:
    Metrovalencia customers are guaranteed that there will be no sudden movements during the journey and that the temperature of the trains will be appropriate.
    Over 95% compliance with the Cleaning Protocol is ensured in all trains and stations.
  7. Security:
    It is assured that we have no more than 35 public safety incidents per million travellers.
    Provision of full safety equipment in trains, stations and tunnels.
  8. Environmental impact:
    Optimisation of energy consumption, ensuring energy efficiency of over 98%.
    Metrovalencia undertakes to take the necessary measures to manage traction energy consumption in positive terms, establishing indicators to monitor compliance.