Metrovalencia La Canyada station

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  • These procedures have an initial budget of 341,393.24 euros, including VAT
  • These interventions respond to the study on the conditions of the level crossings and the crossings between FGV platforms in Valencia

The Generalitat has tendered for the works to improve the safety and accessibility conditions of the crossings between platforms at La Canyada and Seminari-CEU Metrovalencia stations.

The tender budget for this measure carried out by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) amounts to 341,393.24 Euro, VAT included.

These works are included in the study on the safety and accessibility conditions of the level crossings and crossings between platforms of the FGV network in Valencia, which consider the improvement of the accessibility and safety of these two stations to be a priority. In both cases the municipal corporations have corroborated these solutions

With regard to accessibility, a complete study of ramps, stairs and obstacles has been carried out at both stations, which has meant a comprehensive redesign to facilitate full access to both platforms and from both ends. FGV has planned new enclosures, the lowering of sidewalks, the execution of ramps and the elimination and/or extension of part of the stairs to the new levels.

The planned works will improve safety conditions by incorporating audible and visual signals, as well as the refurbishment of the pedestrian guidance areas, barriers, ramps, enclosures and stairs.

At the La Canyada platform crossing, located on the Valencia side of the station, fencing and accessibility work has been planned, including both the raising of the old crossing to the platform crossing, thus improving the existing platform between the two ramps and giving it the dimensions required by current regulations, and the fencing needed to prevent access to the tracks.

In the passage between Seminari-CEU platforms, and for the removal of the Bétera side, similar actions to those of La Canyada station will be carried out. The most relevant is the continuous levelling of the sidewalk on the side of the school, raising the existing one.

The planned work also includes the fitting and modifications to be made to the Railway Safety Installations in both stations, as well as to the train protection systems affected by the new pedestrian level crossings.