L10 construction work for the depot of rolling stock

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  • These facilities located in Natzaret will allow to accommodate the trams in circulation and to carry out minimum maintenance tasks until this line is connected to the current tramway network.
  • The building has a prefabricated structure with enclosures and roofs for the location of tracks and pits.

The Generalitat is building the temporary depot for the tram units that will run on the future Line 10 (Alacant-Natzaret) of Metrovalencia.

These facilities are located in a municipal plot next to Camí Canal in the Natzaret neighbourhood. It is a temporary workroom that will have the minimum equipment necessary for the ordinary maintenance of these vehicles. The building has a prefabricated concrete structure with enclosures and a roof for the location of tracks and pits.

The depot will have two tracks with the objective of using one for maintenance and the other as a parking space. On the first track, a pit has been designed along the entire length of a vehicle for ordinary maintenance and, at the rear, small pits are intended to be placed there for the replacement of bogies.

In addition, the temporary depot has a small warehouse, changing rooms, machine rooms and a control booth.

As explained by the managing director of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), Anaïs Menguzzato, who has travelled to the work area to see the development of the works, “the facilities are temporary, as agreed with the City Council of Valencia”.

On the progress of the works on Line 10 as a whole, Menguzzato emphasised that “work continues to progress at a good pace, with the aim that Line 10 will be operational in the first quarter of 2022”.

The building of these facilities forms part of the project for the refurbishment works on the track superstructure, architecture and equipment of Metrovalencia’s Line 10 (Alicante-Natzaret), corresponding to the surface section, from the exit of the tunnel at the Amado Granell ramp to the Natzaret district. The budget earmarked for the execution of all these works is 6,205,350 euros, VAT included.

The planned proceedings include the architectural work on the surface stops, refurbishment and equipping of the shelters, as well as the electrical installations and lighting, notices, tolls and passenger information and the urban development of the areas affected by the work.

In addition, the installation of a third track next to the City of Arts and Sciences stop, as well as on the access route to the temporary depot, is in the pipeline.

Line 10

Once completed, Line 10 will connect the centre of Valencia with the City of Arts and Sciences area and the Nazaret district, considerably extending the transport service of the Metrovalencia network. This line combines underground and surface sections, covering a distance of 5.3 kilometres and with 8 stations and stops (3 underground and 5 above-ground).

The planned works are currently underway along the underground section, with a budget of more than 25 million euros. The works include the installation of the entire double track and switches and crossings; drainage and side channels for installations; and the architectural work of the three stations, which includes finishes, flooring, vertical cladding, furniture, etc.

The rest of the contracts, such as that of electrification, installation of substations and connections of the route between Alacant station and Natzaret, and the contract for signposting, communication and safety, are also underway.

The construction project of this line as a whole is co-financed by the European Union, through the operational programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.