Green hydrogen. TRAM d'Alacant train

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  • FGV is one of the 18 companies and business associations that have signed the agreement of the Valencian Government to promote the use of this fuel.
  • In December, President Ximo Puig presented the collaboration protocol for the development of the Valencian Green Hydrogen Strategy.

Within the framework of the Valencian Green Hydrogen Strategy, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has begun to look into using this clean fuel on TRAM d’Alacant’s Line 9 (Benidorm-Dénia).

Line 9 currently uses diesel vehicles due to rail infrastructure issues and, in the coming years, it is expected to incorporate the hybrid trains acquired by FGV that combine electric and diesel propulsion, so the use of green hydrogen is an option that is seen as a more sustainable and efficient alternative.

Furthermore, the use of green hydrogen could be a way to improve the energy efficiency of FGV facilities, both in Valencia and Alicante, so this possibility will also be explored.

Last December, the President of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig, presented the collaboration protocol for the development of projects linked to this initiative by innovative entities and companies of the Valencian Community. FGV is part of the group of signatory companies.

As the President of the Valencian Government himself explained during the presentation of this protocol, “green hydrogen is the energy option of the future”, a “logical, profitable and sustainable” bet, “because hydrogen reserves are unlimited, its potential as a fuel is enormous, and it will contribute to reducing environmental pollution”.

He also stressed that this type of project is supported by the European Union, as hydrogen is “key” to achieving the European Green Deal, “which will decarbonise a significant part of energy consumption and replace carbon-intensive industrial processes, such as steel, ceramics, chemicals or heavy, maritime and air transport, and in segments of the railway network without energy supply”.

Valencian Green Hydrogen Strategy

The Valencian Green Hydrogen Strategy arises from the impetus of the Valencian Government and the participation of the companies linked to the development of this green energy in the Valencian Community.

The hydrogen round table, in which 18 companies participate, coordinates the companies’ projects and serves as a framework for presenting them to the Spanish Government’s call for proposals for their financing through the Next Generation EU fund.

Specifically, the entities that have participated in the signing of the protocol are the Port Authority of Valencia, Ascer, Anffecc, Enagas, Naturgy, Iberdrola, Grupo Gimeno, Etra I+D, Smart Energy, Stadler, ITE, Ampere Energy, BP, Ube, Balearia, Vectalia, Aerocas and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana.

The promotion of green hydrogen, both in the generation of it and in its subsequent industrial use or mobility, among others, is part of the sustainable energy pilot project included in the working paper Valencian Strategy for Recovery.