FGV launches a survey about urban mobility on social media, websites and apps for the eu-fundeu sprout project

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  • The questionnaire includes questions on intermodality between trains, trams and bicycles and the convenience of online shopping pick-up points at stations
  • Users who complete the survey and provide their email address will be entered into a draw for ten travel vouchers

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has launched a survey on social media (Twitter and Facebook), websites and apps of Metrovalencia and TRAM d’Alacant on urban mobility for the EU-funded Sprout project (Sustainable Policy Response To Urban Mobility Transition) to get first-hand information on the new travel patterns and user needs, as well as passengers’ opinions on intermodality issues in public transport.

FGV participates in the EU-funded Sprout project, together with Valencia City Council, the Valenciaport Foundation and 26 other members, including European and non-European cities and regions, international organisations, urban transport authorities and road operators, research centres and networks and universities.

The main aim of the project is to place cities at the centre of the urban mobility transition, based on the solutions to urban mobility problems drawn up by six European pilot cities, Valencia, Padua, Kalisz, Budapest and Tel Aviv, and one Asian one, Ningbo, China.

In this way, by building on the changes taking place in urban mobility, the project aims to assess impact at both the sustainability and policy levels; encourage innovative city-led policy responses; identify, track and deploy innovative urban mobility solutions, and to disseminate the pilot test results at local, regional, national and EU levels.

One of FGV’s measures is to launch a survey on Metrovalencia’s Twitter, Facebook, website and app (Google Play and Apple Store), as well as on TRAM d’Alacant’s Twitter, website and app (Google Play and Apple Store). Using fifteen simple questions, the aim of the survey is to provide data on the mobility needs and behaviour of its users.

On the link, after the standard identification questions about sex, age, occupation, residence and place of work or study, information is requested about whether you are a Metrovalencia or TRAM d’Alacant user and, if so, what your reason for travelling is and how you get to the metro or tram.

The survey also refers to intermodality, in terms of the convenience of safe bicycle parking facilities at stations, and the needs of users, such as receiving online shopping packages in offices installed in the metro or tram.

All those who take the survey and provide their email address will be entered into a draw for ten travel vouchers.