Auscultation of the track

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  • Surveying and geometric and dynamic auscultation work is carried out periodically to determine the condition of the superstructure.
  • The data is analysed by means of a management tool that allows for the planning of maintenance proceedings.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has completed the work of geometric and dynamic auscultation of the track conditions of Metrovalencia, spanning more than 155 kilometres throughout the metro and tram network. This proceeding will be completed in the coming months with the auscultation of railway turnouts. These surveying and geometric auscultation works, which are carried out periodically, are a tool for monitoring and supervising the condition of the metro and tram lines, thus enabling condition-based maintenance planning.

Dynamic auscultation is carried out by means of a device equipped with accelerometers which, on board trains and trams, travels the entire network and graphically represents the accelerations obtained.

Geometric auscultation is carried out by means of three measuring devices which, mounted on carriages, are manually passed through the entire network. The data obtained show the geometric and wear variations of both the rail itself and the railway system of which it forms part. These results are shown graphically and geo-referenced in a Railway Management and Analysis System that allows for the planning of maintenance proceedings.

The maintenance operations resulting from these analyses improve comfort conditions for users and extend the time of use of the infrastructure, as well as its reliability, while extending the useful life of the trains and reducing energy consumption. As part of the regular maintenance work on track conditions, FGV carries out renovation and improvement work on the track superstructure on different Metrovalencia sections.