Tram crossings

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  • The actions on the paving affect 28 crossing points of Lines 4, 6 and 8 with the urban road network of Valencia.
  • The works will improve the tramway crossing conditions in the areas involved.

The Generalitat, through Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), has awarded the paving works of the crossings of Line 4 (Dr. Lluch-Mas del Rosari), 6 (Tossal del Rei-Marítim Serrería) and 8 (Marina Reial-Marítim Serrería) of the tramway in Valencia for 768,000 euros, VAT included, to the company L’Ullal Park Ferroviaria SL

The current tramway network came into service in 1994 and has subsequently undergone several extensions. The route runs largely through the urban fabric of the city of Valencia, so some crossing points accumulate a certain amount of wear and tear, caused by the continuous passage of vehicles and the tram itself.

Therefore, the public company of the Generalitat has planned this set of actions, divided into two phases, to carry out the repair work and ensure the passage of vehicles in the best conditions.

Overall, it is planned to work on the paving of 28 tramway crossings, of which 12 correspond to the first phase, between the Florista and Vicent Zaragozá stops, and another 16 to phase 2, between the Tarongers and La Marina stops on Line 4; between Alfahuir and Tossal del Rei on Line 6; and between Francesc Cubells and Marítim Serrería on Line 8.

The works to be carried out for its repair consist of the removal of the current paving, composed of various materials such as cobblestone, concrete or asphalt pavement.

The project includes the renewal of the rail protections, their anchoring to the concrete base and the replacement of the elastic buffer elements to protect against the vibrations of the tram. These works will improve the passage of trams in the areas involved.

The current tram network spans 20 kilometres and has 43 stops in the municipalities of Valencia (32), Burjassot (6) and Paterna (5).