La Generalitat hace efectiva la reducción adicional del 30% en abonos y títulos multiviaje de transporte público desde el 1 de septiembre

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  • Minister Rebeca Torró emphasised that this discount is in addition to the price reductions of up to 50% applied this year
  • The new prices affect SUMA tickets, TAM zone in Alicante, TRAM de Castelló, Metrobus, Metrovalencia and TRAM d’Alacant and intercity buses under the jurisdiction of the Generalitat de Catalunya

As of today, 1st September, the Generalitat will apply the additional reduction of 30% in the price of season tickets and multi-journey tickets for all public transport services under its jurisdiction, in addition to the price reductions of up to 50% approved throughout this year.

The 30% discount affects SUMA tickets, TAM zone in Alicante, Castelló TRAM, TRAM d’Alacant and Metrovalencia, as well as the different road transport services under the jurisdiction of the Generalitat.

The Minister for Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Rebeca Torró, stressed that “this 30% discount is applied directly and is in addition to the fare regulations approved this year by the Generalitat in different transport services with discounts of up to 50%”.

Torró explained that “this measure has an immediate and very positive effect on the economy of all people as it will allow a family of four that uses public transport to save up to 800 euros in the coming months”.

“This initiative is part of the ‘Pla Reactiva’ which includes different measures that the Generalitat has been implementing after the invasion of Ukraine, to address the rising energy costs and encourage the use of public transport to deal with this situation,” he explained.

The Minister recalled that “prior to this measure, the Generalitat, along with the fare modifications, established the free use of all public transport within its jurisdiction on Sundays in May and until last August”.

In these four months, more than 2.5 million people have benefited from this measure, which has been very well received”.

Rebeca Torró made these statements at the Xàtiva station of Metrovalencia, where she was accompanied by the regional secretary of Public Works, Transport and Sustainable Mobility, María Pérez, the general director Roser Obrer, the director of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de València (ATMV), Manuel Martínez, and the managing director of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), Anaïs Menguzzato.

The 30% reduction is a consequence of the Spanish Government’s approval of Royal Decree Law 11/2022, of 25 June, which establishes a system of direct aid, corresponding in 2022, to provide financial support to the autonomous communities to apply a discount on the public road transport service under their jurisdiction.

This measure will be in effect until 31 December 2022 and excludes single and round-trip tickets. Subsequently, from 1st to 31st January 2023, tickets acquired within the bonus period will be eligible for use.

SUMA and Metrovalencia tickets

The 30% reduction will also be applied to the new SUMA transport tickets, which, for the first time and with the same price, integrate the public transport of the Metropolitan Area of Valencia in one ticket, including Metrovalencia, Metrobus, EMT and Renfe-Cercanías.

The launch of SUMA in January of this year has already enabled us to offer a significant reduction on the previous rates, between 11% and 55% depending on the type of ticket, which will be added to the temporary 30% discount planned for the next three months.

With this new reduction, SUMA 10 tickets go from 8 to 5.60 euros for one zone; from 12 to 8.40 euros in two zones; and from 20 to 14 euros in three zones. SUMA monthly will now cost 24.5 euros for one zone and 37.1 for three, while SUMA Monthly Jove for one zone will cost 20.8 euros and for three zones 31.55 euros.

In Metrovalencia the 30% reduction will be applied to all TuiN tickets and temporary passes.

For TuiN tickets, a 30% discount will be applied directly to the amount charged and in addition to the other applicable reductions, for amounts paid above the established minimum recharge of five euros.

The additional discount will be added to the existing reductions for Tuin Jove, Foster Family and General and Special Large Family.

The monthly Gent Major and Mobilitat tickets for three zones will now cost 6.75 euros. In the case of the Mobilitat Anual card, it is planned to reimburse the corresponding amounts in fortnightly periods, coinciding with the bonus period, both for cards purchased and cards in use.

TAM zone of Alicante, TRAM d’Alacant and TRAM de Castelló

In the Alicante TAM zone, the 10-trip Móbilis pass will now cost 6.05 euros; the 30-trip Móbilis Jove pass will be reduced to 14.8 euros; and the 30-trip school pass will cost 11.55 euros. The Bono 30-day tickets are reduced to 28 euros and the Ruta 4/30 Jove to 10.50 euros.

The TRAM d’Alacant’s own tickets are reduced again, after the modification applied in June of this year and that already allowed the price of the trips to be reduced up to 50%. With this additional 30% discount, the prices for the Bono 10 will be 5.6 euros for one zone, 8.4 euros for two zones, and 14 euros for three zones. The single-zone 30 pass will be 15.95 euros, 23.9 euros for two zones and 39.9 euros for three zones.

The 24-hour ticket has been set at 5.6 euros and the monthly rates for Gent Major and Mobilitat are now 6.75 euros. In the case of these two annual tickets, it is planned to reimburse the corresponding amounts on a fortnightly basis, coinciding with the bonus period, both for cards purchased and cards in use.

In the TRAM de Castelló network, the 10-trip pass will cost 5.7 euros and the 30-day pass will cost 21 euros.