TRAM extension

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  • The new lines and sections will join the TRAM network with the future intermodal station, reach Sant Joan and Mutxamel, structure transport in the city of Alicante and connect the Sant Vicent del Raspeig Hospital
  • The network expansion plan, presented in Alicante by the Minister Arcadi España, involves a total investment of 315 million and also includes the works on Line 9 (Benidorm-Dénia)

The Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi España, presented the main lines of action in the TRAM d’Alacant’s network Expansion Plan, which includes the proposals currently underway as well as the new routes planned for the coming years, depending on the mobility needs of the city of Alicante and the regions of Alacantí, Marina Alta and Marina Baixa.

“With an investment of more than 160 million euros, the Generalitat will be able to build about 15 kilometres of new sections and lines in the coming years, which will be added to the current tram network to link the city of Alicante, its metropolitan area and the regions where the TRAM d’Alacant already operates”, explained the Minister.

In addition, Arcadi España highlighted the investment made in the province of Alicante as a whole, which, since 2015, has amounted to more than 100 million euros. “The modernisation and renovation of Line 9 (Benidorm-Dénia) is currently underway, which, once completed in the coming years, will have involved an investment of over 150 million euros and will give back a key connection to the residents of the Marina Alta and Marina Baixa, and to all citizens of the Valencian Community”, he explained.

Regarding the progress of the Line 9 works, the Minister of Territorial Policy recalled that one of the commitments undertaken by the Generalitat in the Benassal-Albocasser Government Seminar, held last weekend, is to finish the works on the Teulada-Gata de Gorgos section. “The Generalitat’s goal is to complete the work on the penultimate section of Line 9 between September and October so that by the end of 2021, or the beginning of 2022, it will begin to provide services between Teulada and Gata de Gorgos, and reach Dénia in 2023, as planned”.

Furthermore, the Minister Arcadi España remarked that the investments included in this expansion plan, which combines underway, projected and planned works, “will mean an investment of more than 315 million that will considerably increase the mobility conditions in a sustainable and effective way over the next six years, as well as promote tourism and boost the fundamental economy in order to recover after the COVID-19 health crisis”, he explained.

The presentation of this plan took place at the Casa Mediterráneo headquarters in Alicante and was attended by the FGV’s managing director, Anaïs Menguzzato, who was responsible for explaining the plan’s details, and institutional, social, business and trade union representatives of the province of Alicante.

As FGV’s managing director explained, “the aim of this strategic document is to plan the growth of the future TRAM d’Alacant network, which is essential in terms of infrastructure”. He also added that the aim of the presented work is “to offer better coverage and better service to the city of Alicante and the regions of Alacantí, Marina Baixa and Marina Alta, meeting the mobility needs”.

In addition, the managing director indicated, in reference to the new Alacant Intermodal station, that “we are working to promote intermodality with other public transport operators and to consolidate the TRAM d’Alacant as a real alternative to the use of private vehicles”, explained Menguzzato.

Main actions

One of the main actions to which the Minister Arcadi España referred during the presentation ceremony is the creation of a new connection between the TRAM d’Alacant’s current network and Sant Joan and its hospital, continuing to Mutxamel, from the current Lines 1 and 3 linking Luceros with Benidorm and El Campello, respectively. The initial budget is of around 40 million euros.

Regarding the extension from Luceros to the Adif station, the future Alacant Intermodal station, the Minister explained that the final FGV project is in the process of being drawn up. This process is being carried out jointly with Adif, Alicante City Council and AVANT, and will involve an investment of around 35 million euros.

Another of the planned actions will extend the current Line 2, which runs from Luceros to Sant Vicent del Raspeig, to the hospital in this town, and in doing so provide services to the residents of the entire municipality.

Once the works are completed, the new Alacant Intermodal station is also planned to connect the south-west of the city of Alicante with the districts of La Florida, Ciudad de Asís and San Fernando-Princesa Mercedes.

In addition, this plan provides for the creation of a new TRAM line 6 (Alacant Intermodal – Hospital de Sant Vicent) for the future intermodal station, running the southern Gran Vía route through Polígono de San Blas, Los Ángeles, San Agustín, Tómbola and Divina Pastora, to connect with the current TRAM d’Alacant route near the Ciudad Jardín stop.

We must add to the network extensions the project to open the current La Marina station surroundings to the sea, which is in the drafting phase, as well as all the actions aimed at the recovery and modernisation of Line 9 (Benidorm-Dénia), a process that is underway or in administrative progress in all its phases.