The Generalitat awards the installation of the signposting and communications systems of Line 10 and the Metrovalencia tramway network.

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  • The planned investment for these two actions exceeds 18.6 million euros, including VAT
  • The construction of the tramway between Alicante street and the Natzaret district continues with works planned on the underground section

The Generalitat has awarded the drafting of the projects and installation work for the signposting, communication and safety systems of the future Line 10 (Alacant-Natzaret), as well as of the rest of the current Metrovalencia tramway network in service.

The budget set aside for the implementation of these works, awarded by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) to the UTE (Temporary Business Association) formed by trade companies Enclavamientos y Señalización Ferroviaria ENYSE, SAU and Electrosistemas Bach SA, stands at 18.6 million euros, including VAT.

The installation of the signposting systems, ATP (Automatic Train Operation) and SAE (Operating Aid System) on Line 10 has a budget of 5.4 million euros, including VAT, while the same work for the tramway network in service (Lines 4, 6 and 8) amounts to 13.2 million euros.

With the implementation of this project, both Line 10 and the other tramway lines already in service will have the same communication, signposting and safety systems, to facilitate the future integration of the new route into the already built network.

Line 10

Once completed, Line 10 will connect the centre of Valencia with the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències area and the Natzaret district, considerably expanding the transport service of the Metrovalencia network. This line combines underground and surface sections, with a distance of 5.3 kilometres and 8 stations and stops (3 underground and 5 on the surface).

The construction project for this line as a whole is co-financed by the European Union, through the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) operational programme for the Valencian Community.

The work planned along the underground section is currently under way, with a budget of over 25 million euros. The work includes the installation of the entire double track and switches and crossings; drainage and side channels for installations; and the architectural work for the three stations, which includes finishes, flooring, vertical cladding, furniture, etc.

As part of the actions planned by the Generalitat for the start-up of Line 10, last June it was awarded the contract for the electrification, installation of substations and connections for the entire route between Alacant station and Natzaret, for an amount of 6.4 million euros including VAT.

At the moment, the adaptation work of the section on the surface is pending award, which includes the development and fitting of the stops and the lighting of the section already implemented, as well as the construction of the workrooms or temporary depots in Nazaret. This last tender amounts to 8 million euros, including VAT.

In terms of works that have already been completed, last February the construction of the ramp that connects the underground and surface sections at the level of Amado Granell street was completed. This also included the construction of the Hermanos Maristas surface stop, for an amount of more than 3.8 million euros.