The Generalitat tenders the installation of a new railroad switch between the stations of Luceros and Merdado of TRAM d'Alacant.

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  • The aim is to ensure that all premises and mechanisms are in perfect condition for use
  • The network in Alicante has a total of 22 lifting devices, comprising 8 lifts and 14 escalators

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has started the bidding process for the contracts “Maintenance and conservation services of FGV’s facilities and premises in the province of Alicante” and “Maintenance and conservation services of lifting devices: lifts and escalators in the FGV network in Alicante” for a total amount of 4,185,598.12 euros, VAT included.

With a value of 3,302,107.67, including VAT, the purpose of the first contract is to carry out the necessary preventive maintenance and repairs to keep FGV’s facilities and premises in perfect condition.

To this end, the work of glasswork, plumbing, blacksmithing, cleaning containers, unblocking of septic tanks, machinery rental, purchasing small industrial and hardware material, repair of pumps, maintenance of the door to the control post and parking barriers, small road signage material and signs, which were previously carried out by different companies, will be consolidated.

Lifts and escalators

For the second contract, with a value of 883,490.45 euros, including VAT, a new bidding document has been drawn up now that the current tendering period has expired, which includes the new demands that have been implemented through time, experience and the requirements of continuous improvement.

The new document not only includes comprehensive maintenance of the lifts and escalators, but also adds work to extend the life of the equipment and to improve the services offered to customers.

In this way, the new contract includes, in addition to the maintenance of all the equipment, conservation outside of business hours; the total coverage of corrective maintenance; the maintenance of the security features implemented in compliance with the norm UNEEN-115-2; the modernisation of lifts and escalators, and the compliance with Indicators of Availability and Reliability that guarantee and improve the service of the equipment.

Currently, TRAM d’Alacant has 5 lifts and 14 escalators for the use of its customers, distributed in Luceros (2 and 6, respectively); Mercado (2 and 4) and Marq-Castillo (1 and 4), in addition to a lift in the FGV offices located in La Marina, and two lifts in the El Campello workrooms.