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  • The budget amounts to 11.3 million euros, VAT included, and the parts will be used for the first 30 units of the 4300 series.
  • The four-year contract includes the necessary spare parts kits.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has awarded the contract for the purchase of the necessary parts and spare parts kits for the maintenance of the bogies of the first 30 units of the 4300 series, those corresponding to Metrovalencia Lines 1 and 2, for a value of 11,309,290.94 euros, VAT included. The contract, which will have a duration of four years, will be signed with the company Construcciones Ferroviarias de Madrid, S.L.U.

The average service life maintenance work on the motor bogies and trailers of the units that began to arrive at Metrovalencia’s workrooms at the end of 2006 is essential for the optimum running of the trains and for them to reach the 30 years and three million kilometres on average for which they have been designed.

The bogies are the set of wheels, axles and suspension and guiding elements that are mounted under the car bodies to allow them to run on the track. Each car has two bogies installed, so the four-car units have 8 bogies, and the five-car units have ten bogies. In the case of the Line 1 and 2 metros, all the convoys are four-car trains.

For the maintenance of the bogies, they must be completely disassembled in order to check in detail each of the elements that compose them (bearings, suspensions…) and replace all the components that require it according to the established maintenance plan.

Metrovalencia currently has 62 metro units, of which 42 are four-car units and 20 are five-car units. Lines 1 and 2 have 30 four-car units in the València Sud workrooms, while Lines 3, 5, 7 and 9 have 32 units, 12 four-car and 20 five-car units, in the Machado workrooms.