WhatsApp Interphones FGV

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  • The aim is to ensure communication in all possible forms, audio and visual, to reach all users.
  • Through this service you will be able to contact the staff that attends the intercoms in stations and the customer service telephone number.

This week, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has launched a new telephone messaging service aimed at people with hearing and speech disabilities. The WhatsApp Business app provides a convenient and direct alternative to the voice communication provided by the station intercoms and the customer service telephone.

This measure adapts the telephone service that FGV offers through the intercoms in stations and the customer service telephone lines of Metrovalencia and TRAM d’Alacant to the laws of universal access, improving this service for people with hearing and speech disabilities.

With the new messaging system through the WhatsApp Business application, deaf people have easier access to the service offered by FGV through the intercoms and 900 telephone lines, with four separate numbers for users in Valencia and Alicante. These numbers can be found on the Metrovalencia and TRAM d’Alacant websites and, specifically, the telephone numbers of the intercoms can also be found at the stations.

With this proposal FGV fulfils a commitment to accessibility for people with hearing or speech disabilities, in particular through the initiatives Fesord-CV and Helix-CV. At the same time, it responds to a demand of deaf people who now have the possibility of equal access to the information provided by FGV, through the hotlines and intercoms.

This measure is one of many other initiatives that FGV has been developing to eliminate barriers in communication and information for users. Among these proposals is the installation of hearing induction loops in all new equipment, this being one of the objectives that FGV has set with the aim of making progress in achieving Universal Accessibility in the transport service it provides.

These actions are agreed upon and planned with the collaboration of different representative entities in the field of accessibility and with which the public company maintains long-term collaboration.

How it works

Customers who have any issues at a Metrovalencia or TRAM d’Alacant station can use the number corresponding to the intercoms to request help or information. This service will be available during the same hours that the stations are open.

For any communication or request for information provided by the 900 customer service telephone lines in Valencia and Alicante, the corresponding accounts are available and are answered during the same hours as the telephone service, from Monday to Sunday.

All the schedules and more information are available on the websites www.metrovalencia.es and www.tramdalacant.es.